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GIS job in Delhi

Company Profile

ASTRA Infosys provides software consulting and application development solutions to established companies as well as startups.
At ASTRA Infosys, being at the forefront of technology is a way of life. We constantly sharpen our expertise to provide value-added and advanced technology solutions to our clients.
ASTRA Infosys offers services in the following fields:
Geo Spatial Solutions
CAD/CAE Solutions
Software Consulting and Development

Job Details


GIS Analyst/Programmer-New Delhi


GIS Analyst/Programmer

No. of vacancies: 2
Qualifications: B.S. degree in Geographic Information Systems / Geography
Essential Skills:
VB - 6.0 and later-2
Minimum Total Experience: 2
Job Tenure: Full-time Only
Salary Offered: Negotiable
Job Location: New Delhi India

Job Description

This position will be responsible for cartographic production and geospatial data entry (spreadsheets, database, etc.), drafting, writing and editing, reports, briefs, proposals, and other documents in support of client requirements at the GIandS Office.

Experience in the following is necessary:

GIS Analysis/Modeling/Application Development
* Perform data manipulation for standardization, data compliance, conversion, and integration of various GIS compatible format files; primarily ESRI and AutoCAD.
* Automate routine manipulative/analytical tasks using macro language scripting (Visual Basic, VBA, XML).
* Develop customized applications for data query, display, and analysis for a range of GIS users.

GIS Management
* Design, develop, and maintain multi-thematic and or geospatial databases.
* Ensure metadata and data standards compliance, documentation, and maintenance.
* Document GIS activities, desktop procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
* GPS data collection design, implementation and management.

Technical Instruction and Support
* Provide GIS and geospatial expert advice and assistance.
* Prepare GIS relevant briefs and presentations for a range of GIS users.

Required Skills:

* B.S. degree in Geographic Information Systems; or Geography or Engineering/Planning with an emphasis in GIS planning.
* AutoCAD and GIS application development experience is highly desirable, as is a background in Facilities/Utilities
* AutoCAD 2004, ArcGIS 9.1 plus 3D Analyst, ArcPress, Publisher, Tracking Analyst extentions, ArcPad 7.0 and Microsoft Office 2003.
* GeoFidelis Toolkit, Geostatistical Analyst, GPS Analyst, Network Analyst, and Spatial Analyst to listing of ArcGIS extensions.

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